About Stacey

Floating Lotus Holistic Healing - Est. 2016

Floating Lotus Holistic Healing

My name is Stacey Ford. I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) and Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy ® Level practitioner (IET). I offer holistic energy work services onsite as well as distance by appointment only. Both modalities are tailored to individual needs by assisting in clearing out blocks to help bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

Early in life, I began a career working in a corporate setting in my home of Connecticut. At the time I found it fun, rewarding, challenging, and a great way to expand my knowledge in the technical world. If you were to ask anyone, I was a "lifer" with the company and no doubt saw myself retiring with them. 

In 2015 things started to change. The company was changing but so was I. I thought perhaps I just needed to shift positions within the company so I took on a new role, but it didn't appear to be the change I needed. I seemed to have this feeling of being "stuck" so I started to inquire into volunteer opportunities to keep a life/work balance. I had spent the last 10 years as a Big Sister through the Big Brother Big Sister program to a wonderful mentee who completed the program so it was time for something new. While looking at hospital volunteer positions I saw a listing for energy work. After further research, it appeared that Reiki was a preferred option for cancer patients that opted to try alternative healing in lieu of medication post chemo/radiation treatment. This sparked my interest as I learned it had so many other benefits as well, so I started taking classes to build up my knowledge and options. I began practicing on friends, family, myself, my coworkers as well as pets too!  Additionally, I took other courses including Integrative Energy Therapy ® (IET).

Since taking on the Reiki journey and self-healing, I found many benefits to my own personal life.  I even found myself more connected to nature and animals.  I always loved animals but never saw myself as a pet owner again as I didn't feel like I had the time to commit as I traveled around the world whenever I could.  It was one day everything just changed and I found myself rescuing a 2-year-old black lab mix and named him Cooper. He has been a blessing in my life more than I ever could have thought was needed. 

An opportunity arose to work at a Senior Center in 2016 offering 30-minute sessions once a week. This started my offering services to the public and Floating Lotus Holistic Healing was established. In 2018, I made the decision to move to NC with my dog to be closer to the ocean as it is said to help with energy. In 2020, after I was still feeling stuck and unfulfilled at work, I saw healing for myself and others becoming non-existent as the demands for the job continued to increase. It was at that time I made the decision to quit just shy of 25 years of service to pursue building my holistic business full-time and started teaching Reiki (2021). I truly believe this is the right path for me and was divinely guided as part of my soul purpose. Being able to assist in channeling the energy for divine healing to help others is where my passion is. I love learning new ways to help others using different non-invasive modalities as I believe we all need to heal from something.