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"Stacey displayed professionalism from the moment I walked in. I felt comfortable during this new experience. Talk about OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE! Stacey has a true gift & healing hands. She was willing to answer my MANY questions at the end of the session & has follow-up guidance as well. The ambiance was just what was needed to set the tone & I left the session feeling balanced, cleansed, exhausted from all of the shiftings of energy, and motivated. BOOK WITH STACEY you will not regret this.”


"To try it and give it a few sessions. I had some results on the first session, more on the second session."


"It was an out of the world experience. Stacy is amazing. She takes the time to explain everything to you."


I wasn’t a big believer in this stuff but decided to give it a try with my dogs because Stacey came so highly recommended by someone I trusted very much. My 4 yr old Cheweenie was born with dislocated knees and from the very first session I saw a drastic improvement! That drove me to try it with my 7year old hound mix who is very distrusting of people and likes to bite them. She is now 70 pounds of putty in Stacey’s hands and Lilly absolutely adores her. These sessions have become a permanent for both of my girls and made a believer out of me. I’ll even be scheduling a session for myself.


Stacey since my first appointment with her has been nothing short of professional, transformative, kind, and transparent. I have had so many breakthroughs and life changes due to our IET and Reiki sessions over a span of less than a year, it's really hard to believe sometimes. I can say my life has truly changed and transformed for the better into a path that feels more aligned for me. I have gained more self confidence as well as have a better idea of who I am without the attachment to anyone else. I always feel like some area of my life realigns every time I have a session and I can truly say Stacey is a huge reason I have stayed grounded and open to these changes and shifts. Working with her has also helped me align with my own spiritual gifts in a stronger way. I can't thank her enough for the influence she has had in my soul's evolution, I would recommend her to anyone serious about releasing negative blocks and living a more authentic life.


Had my first session with Stacy! Great experience, and I will return!

Saw Stacey Ford for Reiki session today. It was fantastic! She is truly gifted at what she does. I highly recommend going to see her. I plan on going once a week the benefits after just one session are amazing . Saw her in the morning and in the afternoon I felt absolutely fantastic. My sleep last night was The best I’ve had in a very long time.


Love the atmosphere. Stacy was very nice and I loved how I felt after my session. I recommend anyone to try.


My experience with Stacey Ford was a truly amazing. I had a distance session with reiki due to my very painful stiff neck. Next day I was able to move it left to right. Would recommend it to everyone.


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