Stacey since my first appointment with her has been nothing short of professional, transformative, kind, and transparent. I have had so many breakthroughs and life changes due to our IET and Reiki sessions over a span of less than a year, it's really hard to believe sometimes. I can say my life has truly changed and transformed for the better into a path that feels more aligned for me. I have gained more self confidence as well as have a better idea of who I am without the attachment to anyone else. I always feel like some area of my life realigns every time I have a session and I can truly say Stacey is a huge reason I have stayed grounded and open to these changes and shifts. Working with her has also helped me align with my own spiritual gifts in a stronger way. I can't thank her enough for the influence she has had in my soul's evolution, I would recommend her to anyone serious about releasing negative blocks and living a more authentic life.


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